pandas & penguins – part one

Ok, yes… It’s been ages since I posted anything new on this blog, and that’s totally my fault. I just haven’t been shooting a lot lately (which is a completely separate issue that I should definitely address) but there’s been a lot going on in my world.  That said – I’m about to make up for it in a *big* way… no less than THREE new posts will be comin’ atcha in the next day or two. And this? This is the first…

Last week I took some vacay time and things being what they are, decided to make the most of my “stay-cation”. Thankfully I live in Atlanta & there is tons to do. The highlight of the week was taking advantage of the “pandas & penquins” ticket combo that covers a visit to both Zoo Atlanta and the GA Aquarium. If you’re ever in the city, you should go… seriously. It’s amazing.

First up is the water-works. My cohorts & I made it to the aquarium in good time – it was a pleasant day (for GA in July) & spirits were high.  We wandered around a bit & then went to go see the dolphin show – it was really fun! Not allowed to do any photography during the show, however, so there are no shots of the fabulous leaps & flips… ah well, it’s all good.

We did a good bit of wading – but it was through screaming kids, not water. (lol!)

Also… I petted a stingray. It was fabulous… I wanted to touch *all* of the things, but alas, that’s not allowed. 😉

So here are the top shots from our jaunt into the waves. Enjoy!


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