bagpipes & bottles…

Here in Georgia, we’re blessed with an amazing Renaissance Festival. Granted, most of us would appreciate it if the thing were held in the Autumn (as we used to have) because then we could wear all our lovelies w/o melting into a puddle of goo by the end of the day, but hey – it is what it is… and better hot than nothing, right? Of course right.

I try to go every year, and am usually accompanied by a great friend who drives out from AL just for the day – we have a blast together. This year, we decided we wanted to go on ‘Highland Fling’ weekend – ‘cuz really, men in kilts… Enough said.

The weather prediction for the weekend was abysmal – but we weren’t going to let some random drops dampen our fun. And while Saturday was absolutely the nastiest sort of weather you can imagine (you know, without trees being uprooted & whatnot), Sunday (the day we’d scheduled to go) was gorgeous. Seriously could not have asked for a better day.

Interesting tidbit of note, however… Because of the vile weather prediction, attendance on Sunday was quite a bit lower than normal – and we discovered something: When there are smaller-than-expected crowds, the players & vendors at GARF go to one of two extremes… either they are sweeter, more engaging, and downright ebullient — or they completely shut off & don’t care. It’s a trip, it really is.

Luckily we had the pleasure of encountering far more of the former than the latter, and we are now hoping for low-attendance days every time we visit! (I think next year I’m going to focus on portraits.)

Of course, the camera was out & clicking…



4 thoughts on “bagpipes & bottles…

  1. Funny thing about your kilt comment… I was very close to getting one when the wife and I visited two years ago. I saw the one I wanted, but at the end of the day, we just didn’t make it back to that shop. Looking online afterwards I couldn’t find anything I liked. My wife, being a decent seamstress, thought about making me one. Maybe this is the year.

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