headshot shoot: erin

Anybody who knows me for more than… Oh, 5 seconds, knows that I’m a geek-girl. Full-blown & completely unapologetic. Just my flavor. 🙂 And the biz-partner? Well, he’s like the Grand Poo-bah of Geekdom. Seriously. You should see us hang out…

So when we get to mix the fun we always have on photoshoots with our dearly-loved actor/clients AND a fellow geek-girl to boot? It’s just like a little piece of heaven on earth.

And thus it was on our afternoon with the fair Erin. Don’t let the sweet smile fool ya – this chick is saucy!

A good rule of thumb (and one that I *typically* remember – I swear!) is to double-check your proposed shoot location to make sure the entire friggin world is not also planning on showing up at that precise time. Yeah – I messed that one up! But Miss Erin was a super-good sport, and ended up liking our alternative location even better – Oakland Cemetery!

So here are the results of our afternoon with a kindred spirit. And if you ever get the chance to chat up this lovely lady, get her to tell you a love story… You won’t regret it!



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