making art…

Sometimes, but not often, photographers get to just throw time & caution to the wind and create work simply for the sake of the art.

It doesn’t happen often, because you’ve got to have people who are willing to show up, for hours, and play around with costumes and locations and pose & hold equipment & etc etc etc… AND you have to have the time (and energy) to do it, too. (Not to mention, funds for costume ‘bits’ that neither you nor the model have on hand…)

But when it comes together, especially when you mix it with a gloriously gorgeous day, you can come away with something truly magical.

Such was the case this past weekend, when the bestie & I hauled our equipment out to The Goat Farm (you’ve heard me mention the location before!) and met up with the lovely Erica who was such a good sport & let us do all sorts of things in order to get some killer shots.



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