photo screen

So recently I came into the possession of a photo-screen… you know, a room screen where instead of sheer panels, you use pictures.  This is perfect for me, because I get to show off some of my favorite images!  When I finally bite the bullet & actually buy a place (who knows when that might happen), I fully intend to have an entire wall with a wonderfully eclectic mixture of vintage frames & canvas-wraps to show off as many of my favorite shots as I can (realistically) fit. 🙂

But until then, this is working quite nicely.  I may post an image of the screen itself (if I can angle the shot so as to really hide what it’s hiding!), but I thought I’d share the images it’s holding.

Took quite a bit of painful choices (and I called in some outside help!), but the results are nice.

So without further ado – the photo-screen images:


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